by Pal Facino

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A series of songs based on and around popular movies and characters of the 20th and 21st century in pop culture.


released October 28, 2016

All music written, performed and produced by Pal Facino



all rights reserved


Dying Seed Quakertown, Pennsylvania

"My ultimate goal with my music is to continue growing, and never stop
as an artist. Also to inspire others to freely express themselves as they wish without the worry of judgment or rules. Art should be raw and free. Pure and true. And I always want my music to represent that." ... more

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Track Name: Resevoir Dogs (Los Compadres)
Life is SO (crime is SO)
Ruff ruff ruff ruff
Time is
Up up up up
When you committed the crime and there's nothing to show
And all of your pals are becoming your foes
When your stuck in some place like a mutt in a cell
You got a hole in your gut and it hurts like hell
Its gone from bad to worse and its easy to tell
BUT How's its gonna be tomorrow?
Will we still be friends?
It makes me want to cry
When I think about the lie i've been keeping inside

I've been holding OFF MY tongue and biting ON my lip
But now it might be time to let it all out
Like another quart of blood upon the warehouse floor
Track Name: The Godfather (The Raging Son)
It doesn't take a lot to set you off
Once the wick is lit
Its time to run for cover
You got that son of a bitch
Real good, like a poor bum in the street
And you took your time to make him cry
The moment was yours to savor
But after awhile they all caught on
IT WAS TIME to get your goat
And they played you like a fiddle
You thought you were getting yours
But instead they got you first
they knew you all too well
Your head was hot as hell
It caught you by surprise
There was so much blood
The day they killed your pride
they left you full of holes Sprawled out there
in the sunlight
Its never easy to see
I REALLY hoped it WOULD TURN out better
But you're never listening.
It never took a lot to set you off
Once the wick was lit
It was time to run for cover
it was a son of a bitch the day they got you good,
like a poor bum in the street
Track Name: Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory (The Mad Mogul)
Willy wonka and the chocolate factory

There he is So mysterious
I heard he has a million bucks On him at all times
Sweeter than a chocolate river You ask him once and he delivers
But don't upset his plans or I swear hell make you quiver
Where are the kids They're burning up
They're big and blue and ready to explode
What about the parents Well they're the ones to blame
Cause They've ruined the potential of their innocent brains
There he is King of all the little people dancing in a row
They're hear to sing you songs Because their master makes it so
What a brilliant business man He keeps expenses low
Track Name: Ghostbusters (The Pizza Guy)

Giants in the sky Have got me terrified
I just can't decide If I am crazy or I'm right
It happened once or twice
They came strolling through my life
As I was minding my own business making cheesy pizza pies
This city is the strangest place to be
You would not believe the spooky sights I've seen
But I just can't work up the nerve to leave
This place is a part of me
So I say "do your worst you giant freaks!"
Track Name: Critters (The Town Liar)
There ARE critters in the barn
But My family thinks I'm spinning yarn
Their needles shot me in the arm
I swear I almost bought the farm
There ARE critters in the barn
But still I get no sympathy
Guess Crying wolf caught up with me
I tried to warn my family
But now I fear a tragedy
There ARE critters on the stairs
They appeared out of thin air
And now they're rolling everywhere
This life SEEMS PRETTY far from fair
There ARE critters ON the STAIRS
We HAVE TO barricade the door
But time has brought so many more
They leave a trail of SCARLET gore
Upon our GREAT WHITE bedroom floor
I Am Just a small town boy
With OUT OF THIS WORLD problems
Track Name: The Shining (The Mad Dad)
This place has got you going mad
And tearing out your hair
Lately you've started chopping wood
And hanging with a bear
You asked the twins if you were alright
And here is what they said
They told you "Jackie boy
You're going places
You're at the front and winning races"
And as For all the friendly ghouls
You're held in high regard
They think you're really cool
And give you free drinks at the bar
They really love you man and all your crazy quirks
But as for your wife and son they've been treating you like dirt
Some may say they need a stern talking to
But i think that maybe this time Only an axe will do
You're under fed and over worked
You're family thinks that you're a jerk
Sleeplessness for days
Has got you in a craze
Your here to write your masterpiece
Not chop them into pieces
It must get so confusing for you
Living in the mountains (3 XS)
Living in the mountains WORKING ON FRUSTRATION
Track Name: Goodfellas (The Crazy Clown)
You said that I'm funny
but i'm not sure what you mean
Am I funny like a clown
Is that what you think of me?
Do you see me scaring people
, running up and down the street?
What's the matter with your tongue my friend
Have you lost the will to speak?
You're a big boy
You can speak for yourself
You're a competent chap
You don't need anyone's help
So tell me, please
What is it that you think
Is so funny about me?
Track Name: The Wizard Of Oz (The Vengeful Force Of Nature)
Nature takes revenge
The trees are getting out their rage
On the folks who disrespect them
The folks are dodging apples
and are tragically surrounded
Never has a tree been so angry
NOR a person been so confused
Nature takes revenge
The monkeys are tired of living low
So they take to the skies and wreak havoc
They pick up the people
who made them hurt
Take em way up high and Let em have it
They laugh as the people fall to the ground
They clap and do somersaults under the moon
This is what happens when you stir the pot
When you poke the bear to move the plot
Then one day its too late to be confused
There is nothing left to do but take it
For the end you have created